Allergy Removal

Anti-Allergen Removal
in Colleyville, Texas

Do you struggle with allergies? Did you realize that microscopic allergens hide within the depths of your carpet? Allergists have recommended for years to keep your carpets cleaned because of this fact. We can remove the aggravating particles out of your house!

Hire us to come in and rid your home allergenic dust mites and pet allergens. We are the pros at anti-allergenic floor cleaning procedures. We are very good at making your home clean and fresh. Cleaning the floors in your home will make it a healthier environment, particularly if you struggle with allergies.

The dust mite has been a well know allergen and a concern since its discovery in the 1960’s. Allergists test for mite allergen sensitivity of their patients and factual data shows that a significant number of people with allergies have a low tolerance to them.

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Did you know?

Cat allergens are very small and remain airborne for long periods of time. These allergens can easily be brought into any space that doesn’t house cats on the clothing and garments of cat owners. Did you know that cat allergens can be highly irritating for people who are sensitive to the cat allergen?

Regular carpet cleaning is a proven method to eradicating dust mites and other irritating allergens. Call us for an appointment to rid your home of allergenic dust particles at (817)601-1199.


Why Hire Us?

Our highly trained service technicians will professionally treat your home like you would expect. We are a locally owned company, and we take pride in our work, in the level of customer satisfaction we supply, and the number of local customers we serve each year. We rely on referrals which keeps our business growing year after year.

Our technicians are carpet repair experts! We have been repairing, stretching and dying carpeting for many years and we have become very good at it. If you have a carpet repair need, please let us know. It’s much more affordable to repair and clean your carpeting than it is to buy brand new.

Our repeat customers have been using our services for more many years. We certainly realize there are many options available to you. That’s why we strive to make sure you’re 100% satisfied with our service.

You will appreciate our no-pressure approach. You will have a clear understanding of our services and our pricing once you give us a call or fill out the contact form on this page. We will contact you swiftly and let you know what your job will entail. You will see that we are surprisingly affordable.

Call us for any question regarding your carpets or flooring. We can answer most any question. If you’d like a free quote, fill out the form at the top of the page and we will get back to you. If you would prefer to talk on the phone, please give us a call at (817)601-1199.